¿Do you know the camel in the desert?

Me: After a traumatic event, a camel that is forever tied to a tree. Even when the owner unties the rope in the morning, the camel can’t leave because of his memory of the tied rope at night.

Soul: I personally, hate that kind of camel.The camel should realize that the sun has risen. 

Me: So, I try to control my mind.

The past is the past, it doesn’t exist any more.
I’m free.
I’m strong, very strong.
Like the sun that pushes aside darkness.
Bright and vibrant.
Like the light that swallows darkness,
very very bright
and strong.

Soul: Even if all the people in this world get disappointed in you, I will never be disappointed in you.


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Photograph by Fridmar Damm/SIME
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